Business Background

With Supply Chain going global managing vendors is m ore than a full time activity for any business which might take a lot of focus out of their core competence.  Regulatory requirements often force businesses to apply controls on how vendors do business with their suppliers and so on.  A comprehensive solution to manage vendors actively by collaborating with them for statutory reporting, certifications, business continuity is a must for any business to thrive in today's competitive world.


Our Value

Vendor Management Solution (VMS) powered by Process Factory is a comprehensive solution to address pain points in vendor management.  Reducing process cycle times in vendor onboarding, active collaboration with external agencies to review vendor data from time to time, Vendor surveys to avail most current discounts and services are some features VMS offers to maximize partnership value of vendors to organization.


Key Features

Data Gathering

Data Validation

Exception Handling and Process Monitoring

Continuous Data Monitoring