Business Background

Depending on the business requirements, product masters, key components of business, can be very complex and involve multiple stake holders' validation.  This often results in longer process cycle times, unintended duplicates and redundant data validation steps.  These longer processes could take away valuable opportunity to manufacture and/or sell a product or service.  Product Master creation / extension to other facilities has to be addressed avoiding duplicates both in effort and data.  Similarly offboarding/retiring a product or service is as critical if not more to a business as costs of material stocks can directly affect bottom line of any business.

Our Value

Product Data Management Solution powered by Process Factory® can comprehensively address key issues in Product Life Cycle and allow to Onboard or Offboard a Product or Service resulting in reduced process cycle times, collaborative participation of key stake holders and elimination of redundant processes.  The solution also comes with a proprietary data validation solution using configurable search criteria to avoid duplicates, which can cause pain to data sanity.

The Flow

Regulatory Compliance

Costing and Procurement

Duplicate Check


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