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Timesheet  Entry

Process Factory® Time Sheet Entry provides employees with an easy-to use and intuitive interface that will reduce the time they spend filling out time sheets.

Key Features:

  • Schedule vs. Actual Time: Employees can view the time they are scheduled to work vs. the actual time worked.
  • Reusable Templates: Templates can be saved for frequently used work codes, job types, cost centers and other regularly used items
  • Summary Data: Employees can view vacation time, company holidays and sick time accrued in the same window where they enter their hours. They can also view normal and over time that they have worked in the pay period
  • Copy From: Employees can copy the data from an existing entry into a new entry.


Timesheet  Approval

Timesheet Grid

Process Factory® Time Sheet Approval is a decision making dashboard which allows managers to approve/reject time of direct reports and delegated employees.

Key Features:

  • Everything in One Screen: All necessary information to approve time sheets is found within a single screen.
  • Mass Approval/Rejection: Multiple timesheets can be approved or rejected simultaneously.
  • E-mail Reminders: Managers can send e-mail reminders to employees when an action is necessary.
  • Workflow: Approval Workflow provides alternate routes when a user in the chain in unavailable
  • History: Using the calendar, managers can view their employees’ work history.

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