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Business Background.

With rapidly changing business environment to address competition comes the risk of making key business processes vulnerable to non compliance of statutory  and organizational regulations.  A key to address this challenge is to continuously monitor compliance health of organization.  However this could come at a significant cost if the compliance management process is inefficient.

Business Benefits.ERC_Flow

End to End compliance management solution
Be proactive than reactive to regulatory requirements
Visibility of organizational compliance health to all stake holders

  • Legislative Updates
  • Efficient control design
  • Comprehensive Compliance Cataloging 
  • Continuous control monitoring
  • Efficient Auditing and statutory reporting
  • Issue management with preventive action plan

Reduce cost of compliance

Comprehensive Compliance and Policy Management Solution to help Organizations Deal with ever increasing Regulations and Manage Risk Prudently
Complements SAP GRC and Helps Maximize your SAP Investment with Increased User Acceptance.

Compliance health at-a-glance

One of the key drivers to being proactive is visibility of compliance health of the organization up front.  ERC provides visibility of overall compliance health and notify key stake holders immediately.

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