Connecting People to Processes

Predictive Analytics

Business Background.

Knowledge is power. With large amounts of historical data and availability of high end data integration services it is imperative that leveraging these to benefit the organization and its customers is a must. Rapid data aggregation systems like HANA provides tools to accelerate analytics and provide real-time benefits to the organization and its customers

Business Benefits.

  • Reduce emergency response costs by being proactive towards predictable incidents
  • Active asset management to be proactive and reduce asset deployment costs
  • Reduce disaster management costs (labor and vendor) by predicting incidents
  • More accurate estimates for budget allocation towards incident management
  • Prediction based on algorithm analyzing historical data for accuracy
  • Real-time integration with external data providers to actively adjust incident probability
  • Ability to prioritize incidents based on probability and severity
  • Ability to customize incident drivers and assign weightage to better manage incidents