Connecting People to Processes

Application Management

Anand Application Management Services offer comprehensive cost effective solutions to manage development, maintain, upgrade and make systems highly available.

Application Development

Anand brings years of expertise in design, development and delivery of state-of-the-art technology solutions. We deliver world-class solutions understanding your business needs and mapping to the best practices in your industry. Learn more..

Application Management

Our functional and technical experts work with your business to understand the challenges in usability, technology and business needs. We manage systems and software by addressing software maintenance issues, functional gaps, technology issues and working with technology vendors. Learn more..

Technology Updates

With fast changing technology changes comes challenges of updating systems without affecting business. Our technology experts bring not only technical knowledge but extensive process knowledge to ensure smooth transition / update of technology in customer landscapes. Learn more..

Application Integration

Not all systems are homogeneous. See how our experts can help you integrate multiple systems in your business landscape without compromising on security, latency and availability. Learn more..

Performance Enhancement

Knowledge is power. As business and customer volumes grow, need for retaining data for evaluation, statutory requirements and mining increases. With these large volumes of transaction data comes risk of transaction processing times getting affected. Our performance management experts can help tune system processes to improve performance without affecting the process itself. Learn more..

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